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Basically, Let’s go Back to Basics

Basically, Let’s go Back to Basics

We always want to know the style secrets of our favourite celebs and fashion icons. What’s one of the first questions we’d ask them? ‘What’s a staple in your wardrobe?’ or ‘what piece of clothing could you not live without?’. Whilst there’s usually some fabrication or mention to that beloved sequin cocktail dress or croc patent heels, or even some more honest, simple answers; my comfy loafers or boyfriend jeans, let’s not forget to go back to basics.


At Seaside Boutique we have a whole range of basics that go perfectly with our other pieces and no doubt a lot of things already hanging in your wardrobe! How often do you pick a hanger out of your closet and think ‘I’d love to wear this!’ then retract as you realise whatever are you going to pair with it? Enter basics.


Back to Basics


As we state on our ‘Basics’ page our basics are our relaxed line of ‘easygoing essentials’. We stock simple tees to maxi dresses. Take our Angie Racerback Cami in Red for example. The racerback giving a simple twist to the cami and drawing in on that prominent sports luxe trend. This is a perfect wardrobe addition for everyone.


Simple Bold Colors




You can easily pull this on when you want to wear a bold pattern on the bottom – I’m thinking something like our Printed Maxi Skirt or Boho Palazzo Pants. Simple bold colours are great to wear on top when the bottom half of your getup is making a statement. What’s more a great excuse to buy another new pair of shoes in a bold red to match – heels count as basics too right?


Tapestry and Patchwork Bags 



And what about all those tapestry and patchwork bags you’re going to be buying this season? Shop ours in our Accessories range and check out an earlier blog post on the must-haves here. It’s all about boho again this summer and these statement patchwork and crochet bags need a simple canvas outfit to be thrown over. Our variety of swing dresses are perfect for this. We have a range of colours including grey, teal and blue so you can find something that works with your personal palette. Or picture our simple Kiara Maxi Dress in a gorgeous dusty plum colour with our multi Color Tapestry Tote. Perfect for casual summer days looking effortlessly cool.


Basically, basics offer a base so that you can play with your patterns and accessories. They are the best way to experiment with your style and you will always have something to pair your current pieces with! Shop our Basics now!

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Two New Brands You Should Know About

Two New Brands You Should Know About

Seaside Boutique was launched nearly 6 months ago and I am just now writing my first blog. Shame on me! Hopefully this will be one of many blogs that I will write so that you can gain some insight into many of the behind the scenes work that goes on. This journey has truly been a unique experience for me. I am extremely grateful to everyone that has helped me along the way!


So, without further ado, I am excited to tell you all about two new brands that I have discovered and have brought to Seaside. I am always on the hunt for new and trendy styles and occasionally get tired of ordering from the “usual” suspects. Don’t get me wrong, I love our designers and current brands but I think it is important to keep it fresh and give our customers the trendiest and most fashionable clothing that comes out of the LA fashion district.                                                                                      


One style that I knew was missing from the store was a collection of basics. T-shirts, tanks, lounge wear and comfort wear. Basics are great because you an dress then up but also lounge comfortably on the weekend.  Having said that, basics can be a bit tricky. I definitely didn’t want a brand that had a ‘cheap’ feel to it but I also wanted something affordable for everyone.                                                                                                                 

I then discovered Z supply. I know, I had not heard of them either, but there is a good reason for that. Z supply only distributes to small boutiques and many of us do not have access to boutique shopping like we do here in California.  After looking at their collection and feeling the clothing, I was very impressed with the quality and style. Their philosophy is based on the belief of simplicity, comfort and style. After researching the company, I learned that they supply their basics to many celebrities. How cool is that?                                                                                    


So yes, a T-shirt is $32.00, but I will tell you that these t-shirts and other basics have become my favorites. They don’t shrink and they look and feel great. The company updates their styles and colors regularly so you can be sure to stay on point when you invest in these basics. Since Z supply clothing is only distributed to boutiques you can rest assured, the girl next to you won’t have the same outfit. (The Pocket Tee is pictured above and The Symphony Dress is pictured to the Left)

If you are one of our customers who have already tried out our new basics, please leave a comment and let us know what you think.


The second company, Others Follow, is “inspired by sandy feet and salty air”. The clothing is fun, easy to wear and very versatile. Others Follow has the California bohemian vibe that I really enjoy. From free flowing tanks to cool festival favorites, each piece is versatile enough to go with you on any adventure. Others Follow has a complete line of clothing from Tops, Tanks, Dresses and Casual wear. They also only distributes to boutiques which keeps their clothing and styles unique. It's not everyday that you will run into this brand but what I have seen with their new Spring and Summer Collection, you will fall in love with them as I did.        


There is a yearly Fashion Show in Las Vegas called Magic, which is the largest fashion marketplace showcasing the latest trends and apparel. From what I heard, Others Follow did REALLY well. I can't wait to introduce more items into our store as the season goes on and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do here at Seaside.




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