How To: Master Your Boho Style

Our fashion sense tends to be an extension of ourselves, it is an extension of the thoughts and personality we put into finding the perfect dress or the perfect handbag. We are free and we are inspired, there is a fire in our hearts and when we walk around we shine. Within every one of us there is a desire to feel this freedom, we yearn and long for it with a passion and what better way to be bold than to unleash our inner bohemian style? This hippie-gypsy inspired fashion has become one of the hottest trends today, as it is more than just a style, it is an extension of our personalities, our lust for life. Whether you are new to the boho chic look or have been flaunting it for awhile, it’s time to truly master your inner boho, from the rich colors and fabrics to the must have accessories.This versatile style will never disappoint, during summer, work days or night life you will never have a dull day. What sets boho apart from other types of trends is that it is about the individual, it gives us each a sense of our own individuality,our own expression and our own voice. In some ways it is rebellious, it goes against the normal, it paves a path into uncharted territory, it says- we are strong, we are free and we are individuals. Life is too short not to embrace your inner boho, so let’s break down some of the key elements to this artistic style and bring out the boho chic in you.

The key to mastering boho is to layer your clothes with vests and oversized pattern scarves, remember, details make all the difference.Some great layering options are vests, cardigans and kimonos. Of course, the possibilities are endless but remember the key is to bring out your hippie spirit, be creative and aim for that natural beauty. Go for more earthy tones, paisley, tie die and Aztec inspired pants, this will give your outfit a more organic feel. The goal is to seek out bold patterns, geometric eye catching prints that can be paired with an earthy colored blouse, cardigan or whatever your heart desires.

Another staple is the flowing maxi dress that is either off the shoulder or has flowing sleeves. What makes the maxi dress so popular is it truly unleashes the hippie spirit, aim for bold rich colors. For a more minimalist look, the boho style also offers pencil skirts, which are office ready and can be paired with a ruffled blouse. In addition, the flare pants are another great option and when paired with a heel boot they look both sexy and sophisticated.

            One of the most exciting parts of shopping is finding the right jewelry to pair with an outfit. Being a boho chic means a never ending array of jewelry, the bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are eclectic and bold. Mix and match your jewelry, in this style less is not more, wear thick bracelets, flowing necklaces and long statement earrings. Adding this to your outfit adds to the layering effect of the boho chic style, it will have you feeling and sending the boho vibe wherever you go.

            Lastly, don’t forget your accessories, as they are a boho chic must and will finish your hippie gypsy style. Top off your outfit with head wrap or hairband, or a floppy brimmed hat. Purse wise, cross body bags, oversized purse or canvas messenger bags are the most popular choices. Then, for sunglasses aim for a cat eye, aviator, or wayfarer style, choose the one that fits your personality and outfit the best. Finally, as far as shoes go, neutral colored ankle boots are essential, these will go with nearly every boho outfit you put together.

            There are no limits with bohemian style, it is versatile, fun and bold. It is an extension of how we feel inside, it shows the world that we are daring, we are free and we are alive. To some extent we are what we wear, it is an artistic expression, it is freedom. Have fun, be free, be wild, be an individual, master your inner boho.


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my daughter recently shopped at this boutique for a prom dress, she asked if they would hold it for a day to see if she could come up with the money for it. they said they would but needed a $100 to do so, she left the $100 with Heather, after she return to inform Heather that there was no way she could come up with the money Heather became rude and would not refund any of the money, when she came home to tell me that this woman wouldn’t refund her I call myself. After telling her who I was and why I was calling I understood what my daughter was talking about very snippy! I said I understand keeping 15%for holding the dress but a $100 was a little over the top to hold a dress for a day or daughter work very hard for her money working after school for minimum wage to have a crook like heather steeling her money SHAME ON YOU HEATHER pick on someone your own size, you keep that $100 girl bad karma to you and good luck in business treating your customers this way. Shame on you

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